Ioana MARCU is an Executive Coach and has been in the Ascendis Coaching team from the end of 2017.

She has an experience in leadership of more than 20 years, both in companies operating in Romania and in other countries. She worked in various environments with teams from the Czech Republic, Poland, France, Italy, France, Italy, Spain, England, Turkey and US.

She spent most of her professional activity in telecom and outsourcing. She led teams in the area of clients services, marketing and B2B sales. In outsourcing, Ioana launched operations in Romania and led teams from Europe, both for the clients and internally. Before starting her activity in consulting, she had been an HR director in telecom. 

In her current activity, Ioana is an Executive Coach, certified by the International Coach Federation. Her role is to help leaders focus their entire attention on the fixed objectives and on the fundamental resources, based on which they can reach, develop and maintain a strategic vision. 

As a team coach, using methods adapted to the level of maturity and objectives, Ioana helps the teams develop, which makes each of their members actively promote performance and autonomy of all employees. Furthermore, she stresses an efficient cross collaboration and a better collective dynamic. All these lead to increasing the teams’ awareness on the management methods, both coherent and creative and in agreement with the diversity from the company, in a multinational, multicultural or intercultural context. 

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