Elena Munteanu joined the Ascendis team in 2007. She is a consultant within the WKH Organizational Development division, a position that allows her to run assessment centers, facilitate sessions in training and human resources consulting, coaching and career counselling, and behavioral skills development programs.

Elena combines her expertise in the business and human resources areas, acquired in over nine years of experience in implementing assessment processes, recruiting and development, with psychological expertise, acquired in advanced psychotherapy and psychodiagnosis studies, drama therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, etc.

Elena is a certified Senior Professor in Human Resources, a certification granted by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) in the USA. Her passion for ‘instructional design’ made way for her 4MAT Advanced Instructional Design studies.

Enthusiastic and innovative, dedicated to fulfilling people’s development potential, Elena always gets involved with all her resources in her projects.

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